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Unimar AS can supply your aquaculture needs with knotless twisted netting in polyethylene, nylon, polyester or composite material (MATRiX).

MATRiX is the name of Nittos new patented and unique net (Fig 1) for fish farming. The company was in 2001 requested by the Japanese fish farming industry to develop a new net which could replace the traditional steel-nets used in the farming to keep predators out and at the same time keep the fish with strong teeth inside the cage. 





Fig 3. Knotless netting "Matrix". A - Common view. B - Composition of the material

Nitto Seimo experimented with several types of composites the following 3 years, before they in 2004 started a commercial production of MATRIX. This net has proved to be a great success in Japan where amongst others the following advantages has been discovered the last 4 years.

MATRiX consists of different materials; a core of polyester filament and thermosetting resin surrounded by reinforced fibber (polyethylene) and "memorizes" shape (fig.3, B). The low-density polyethylene tubing has a polyester filament mixed with thermosetting resin in a core. With the original heat treatment technology of Nitto Seimo Ltd., all types of mesh can be manufactured. In comparison to other "metallic" nets it has light weight, height life duration and superior durability. 

Matrix has sufficient rigidity, shape durability and elasticity because of the knotless braiding. In addition to the durability, it is covered by the polyethylene resin. This protects the product against ultraviolet rays and the low surface roughness keeps the netting clean. It is not easily worn out and has excellent durability.

Nitto Seimo produces also Moji net (Fig. 2), which is suitable for farming small size fish. Moji net is the proto-type of Nitto Seimo knotless net. Moji Net has square shaped mesh where the twisted woof equally goes through the warp at right angle, making neither knot nor loop at all. The end result is a very strong net. Moji Net is best used in sizes of 1.5 - 10 mm square-shape mesh. 

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