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We can supply many different types of lights and sound for the fish industry. In the following we will introduce some of the patented lights by Nitto Seimos partner, Yamaya Industry Co Ltd.
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Fish Intimidation Systems

Purse Sein Plus

thumb_purse_seine_yc200a.png- revolutionary supporting device for Purse Seining

Basic components of this system are high quality strobe flash light and foaming fluorescent dyestuff and this combination generates luminous screen by diffused reflection.  
( Patent No.2907817 Japan )

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Sound Intimidating Systems

Garinko Star

garinko_star_thumb.png- metallic sounds to prevent fish from escaping the nets

Sound-Intimidating Systems that repel marine life. Garinko Star” works especially well using our Light-intimidating system, “Purse Sein Plus


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Fishing Strobe Marker Lights

Star buoy series

starbuoyseries.png Operates on all fishing systems

Our strong beacon helps to guide ships and saves oil

Our star buoy series applies to all fishing purposes using our dazzling and waterproof beacon with long-lasting batteries.

Our unique beacon, brighter than any other company’s, will gelp you in all fishing situations,such as Tuna long line, fixed shore net, drift net fishing, purse seining, and payao fishing.

Products with NS switches are available for your benefit, so try it out!  

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