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Through the close co-operation with our exclusive partner Nitto Seimo group, established in 1910, we have gained a solid expertise and experience in the net of business. Our group is well experienced with the fishermen's requirement regarding the equipment, quality and catch results. Together with a very innovative staff, we are today developing and supplying the best possible nets for codend, its extension as well standard knotless nets for other parts of a trawl.


Our codend net, named for short 3-SBK or the "Nitto Blue-Net", is a unique net fishermen all over the world have learned to love. From New Zealand in the south to Kamchatka in the North-East to Norway and Murmansk in the North West, this net has become very famous and proved to live up to its reputation. The 3-SBK net has a very special design, it is heat-treated and its mesh stability is unique.

In close contact with the fishermen worldwide, Nitto's innovative design department has customized the designs of trawls, cod-ends and gear-equipment where the target is always to be in forefront in the industry.

Advantages using Codend of knotless Square mesh, compared with knotted diamond shape net:

  • Better quality
  • Larger catches
  • Higher breaking strength
  • Larger fish
  • Better selectivity
  • Better survival of escapees
  • Less fish meshed in the net
  • Saving fuel oil
  • Less time in fishing ground, reducing operation costs per ton caught

Triple and Double Cross netting is very perspective for building of other parts of trawls.

This product is a "win-win" for the fishermen as well as the environment. 

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